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International Heavy lifting & Transport Projects

We take on various Heavy lifting & Transport projects where our employees work together to make sure they finish the project within the deadline. This means we can take on the project from the warehouse until construction.   These projects consist of all or some of the following activities:

  • Warehouse management
  • Heavy transport
  • Rigging & Lifting
  • Maintenance on the (crane)fleet
  • Construction on site

Warehouse management

We regulate every aspect of the warehouse management regarding the project. Our warehouseman communicates & coordinates contacts with suppliers, transport departments or companies and inspection bodies. The warehouseman arrange prepare the transport and are responsible for the materials.

Heavy transport

All heavy transport activities, during a project, are carried out by our professional drivers. They transport heavy machinery and products  from the warehouse to the work site and are certified to help with the lifting and construction on site. They are able to work with telescope loaders and forklifts.

Rigging & lifting

With Our professional Riggers and Crane operators we are able to carry out all rigging & lifting activities on the project. Our riggers and crane operators are able to assemble and disassemble cranes of different classes, transport systems and (prefab) beams/ constructions according to the safety regulations.

Construction on site

Our construction teams can consist of a Foreman, Mechanics, Fitters, welders and more.They are able to work with construction drawings and work according to the safety and environmental regulations.

Our construction teams are, due to their experience with rigging and lifting, able to cooperate with riggers and crane operators. In short they are all you need.

Maintenance of the (crane)fleet

Fleet maintenance projects consist of maintaining, inspecting and repairing your fleet of cranes (Crawler Cranes, Telescopic Cranes, Telehandlers, Telescopic Work Platforms etc.), trucks and equipment. 

Our Fleet mechanics also carryout do maintenance activities during our heavy lifting & transport projects to ensure a high standard of maintenance is achieved at all times. 

Contact Our skilled professionals carry out Large and small heavy lifting & transport projects in Europe. We work according to industrial standards. If you want an informal chat or more information about possibilities for your projects, please contact us.