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“SFS Poland” works on international projects in the technical sector and the meat processing industry. We operate in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and of course Poland.

Quality Our quality is reflected in excellent communication with our clients, the personal commitment of our professionals and in particular their knowledge of their profession. Our experience and expertise guarantee reliable and safe working methods by which we ensure that the desired results will be achieved. Our certificates and professional diplomas guarantee that we operate on a quality level your project needs

We are VCA Certified, or in English SHE, – SHE stands for Safety, Health & Environment certificate and is meant to create a safer work environment for skilled professionals and to stimulate a reduction in the occurrence of accidents.

The right combination “SFS Poland” works with competent, skilled and, when necessary, certified people. In a personal interview, we tailor our knowledge and experience to your wishes and demands. By selecting the right people for your needs, we ensure that we offer the best solution for your project.

Contact Do you want to know what “SFS Poland” can do for your project(s)? Please feel free to contact us!

Large and small European projects, in both the technical and the meat processing industry will be carried out and delivered in accordance with current quality standards.

Industrial Projects
In Europe, we carry out different industrial projects related to:

  • industrial isolation
  • scaffolding
  • piping and construction
  • industrial cleaning

Click here to read more about our activities in the technical sector.

Meat processing
We work on specific projects varying from the entire production process to specific parts of the production process, such as:

  • slaughtering
  • de-boning
  • trimming
  • packing
  • labeling
  • shipping activities

Click here to learn more about our activities in the meat processing industry.

Technical Projects

Technical Projects

Meat production projects

Meat production projects